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7 Elements Physical Therapy in Birch Bay provides hands-on, one-on-one treatment sessions tailored to your individual needs.

Your personalized sessions will focus on reducing pain, restoring mobility, and improving movement patterns. No other physical therapy clinic in Birch Bay can match the amount of individual time and attention you will get at 7 Elements.

Schedule an appointment to see how physical therapy can get you to an active life, healthy body, peaceful mind.

Need more information first? You can schedule a free Phone Consult or Total Body Diagnostic session, or visit our providers page to learn about our physical therapists.

7 Elements PT

  • 5 visit average to meet goals
  • Total cost of care: $1125
  • Instant access to treatment
  • 1 hour+ session
  • Customized treatment to meet your needs
  • 100% of session spent with physical therapist
  • You feel understood and prioritized
  • No hidden costs. Billing is consistent, transparent, and easy to understand.

Traditional PT

  • 7.3 visit average to meet goals
  • Total cost of care: $1460
  • Long delays waiting for doctor’s referral and insurance authorization
  • 30-40 minute session
  • Treatment restricted by insurance rules
  • 25-50% of session spent with physical therapist
  • You see a different practitioner each visit
  • Billing is confusing and complex with charges that are hard to understand

Phone Consult

A free, 15-minute consultation to discuss your health goals.

Total Body Diagnostic

A free, 30-minute session to assess the areas causing you pain and discomfort.

Initial Evaluation

A physical examination to assess sources of your symptoms, followed by a hands-on treatment session.

Ongoing Treatment

A one-on-one treatment session with a licensed physical therapist.

Where to Find Us

8097 Harborview Road Ste B
Birch Bay, WA 98230
(360) 371-3888